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Power Steering Hose Fitting Does Not Fit

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  • Power Steering Hose Fitting Does Not Fit

    I'm a little confused about this. I bought a new set of power steering hoses from SI for my Avanti. The larger hose, no. 1559779, has a fitting that is too big for the fitting on the power steering pump. I spent far too long this afternoon trying to get the threads to mate until I actually measured and discovered that the diameter of the hose fitting is actually 1/16 larger than the one on the pump, although it is supposed to screw into it. The right and left hoses are correctly attached to the ram and the fourth hose has no fitting. All of the valve fittings went in where they were supposed to go. Has anyone had a similar problem or know a source for the correct-fitting hose?

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    There is no 1559779, I guess you mean 1559778. That is the RETURN hose and should go into the Control Valve and have a hose clamp and slip-on cut end for the Pump.
    Something is WRONG here, not sure what!
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      I had the same problem and found out that somebody had changed out the control valve assembly on my 62 GT Hawk with an earlier unit. The earlier unit has the same size fittings on both ends of the hoses, the stock unit for my 62 has small fittings on the ends of the hoses that go into the power cylinder and larger fittings that go into the control valve assembly. Bob at SI explained this to me and shippped the proper hoses for my use which were not necessarily the correct hoses for the 62 but all is well now.
      Peter Bishop
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