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V8 heads question

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  • V8 heads question

    Is there any major difference in the heads used on say, a 259 truck engine, and a 289 in a car? I have about 190k miles on The Prez (55 president state sedan) and its in need of a valve job, but seeing as its what i drive everywhere, I am trying to have the one extra set of heads I have fixed up and use them, but want to make sure it's not going to cause problems. From what I remember, the combustion chamber looks the same, but I'm not 100% sure on it.
    If it helps the engine in The Prez is a full flow 289 out of a '63 Lark.

    (And yes, this is Anne's son for those of you who will undoubtedly catch the name of my car)

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    Here is the information that you are looking for on Bob Johnstones Avanti Tech pages :

    This will tell you the CC's of the Heads that you are inquiring about.

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      In a single, no difference.

      While there is a small chamber difference, the actuall chamber size difference won't be a problem. If you are afraid of a small increase or decrease in the compression ratio, you can use the thicker or thinner gaskets to help compinsate.

      Intake ports, chambers, exhaust ports...all the same.



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        alright, thanks a bunch for the info guys. Should help me get everything done with little to no downtime. The plan is to clean this heads up, and my uncle is doing the valves for me, then it will be a simple job to just swap heads


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          just got done comparing the casting numbers. At first, I was a little confused, but after popping the hood on my dads golden hawk, the prez currently has a set of lower compression heads on it (same casting number as the golden hawk) and the heads I have are the same casting number as the R1 heads, which at the lowest compression ratio listed on the listing will be higher than the highest listing for my current heads.
          So I guess if my dad ever needs a valve job done, we have an extra set of heads for his golden hawk, hehe.