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  • 53 Trunk lid advice for

    Need some ideas.....What is the best solution to deal with the rust that is between the trunk lid and the inner support. It is in the area that you can't see into... Is there an easy way to repair this?

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    Is it through to the outer skin? If so, cut it out and make a patch panel, sand blast and coat with a crust converter, or Por 15. If it's just surface rust between the metal, the best way is to have the deck lid dip stripped. Then a bath of etch primer. But, you can use a rust converter and brush it on "liberally" follow the directions and let it sit over night. Then prep it and paint it. Once the paint is dry, use a body wax to coat the whole lower lip. Go to your local Collision Center and see if they'll spray some in there, The stuff runs about $15-20 a can, the nozzles are not cheap either!

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      Thanks for the information . I had the outside and inside blasted but I think there is still areas that I didn't get good enough.