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12 Volt Overdrive Relay Info Needed

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  • 12 Volt Overdrive Relay Info Needed

    I need a new overdrive relay for my '57 Transtar (3E). The original part is a 1542260 and uses the 1685847 overdrive wiring harness. Studebaker International lists only the 1956 Relay, #1539595, which also uses the same overdrive wiring harness. Does anyone know for sure whether or not I could use the 1956 Relay on my '57? Both years are 12 volt and use the same solenoid. Any expert help is much appreciated.

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    The '56 relay has four terminals. In '57 the 'IGN' terminal was eliminated and the relay rewired internally. These were both 'one year only' relays, but either one is probably still in stock somewhere. If you do buy a '56 relay, add a new wire from the ignition switch 'ACC' terminal to relay 'IGN' terminal.
    Without seeing the internal circuit layout first, I would not simply install a jumper between relay 'BAT" and 'IGN' terminals as I'm afraid that might leave the relay ON all the time and burn it out.


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      OD Relay units are pretty simple units. I have overhauled a few of them. The problem that has been cropping up is corrosion and loss of connection on the rivited connections. If the small electromagnet still works then it's just a matter of cleaning up the main set of points on the electromagnet and then checking each of the rivited connections. You will need to purchase some very small nuts and bolts. Where you find a bad connection drill out the rivit and replace it with a nut and bolt (with a small lock washer). It's all a bit fiddley but if you're into this kind of stuff it's not a big problem.