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Motor in bad shape

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  • Motor in bad shape

    The machinist took my motor apart and told me today that there was alot of water in my motor. The clys are badly rusted. He also said that the pistons in the motor were of strange configuration. He said that the motor looks as if it has just 6 to1 compression what is the compression of 289 1961 motors. We are going to bump all that up as soon as we can.

    Studebakers forever!
    Studebakers forever!

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    pistons in the motor were of strange configuration?

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      quoteistons in the motor were of strange configuration?
      He is probably referring to the piston pins with the cinch bolt. Most modern mechanics have never seen such a thing.


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        quote:Originally posted by whacker

        He is probably referring to the piston pins with the cinch bolt.
        Could also mean the dished tops. If you are used to looking at SBC pistons, they would look strange and lead you to believe it was a super low compression motor.

        A '61 289 had a 8.8 to 1 compression ratio...about average for V8's of that time. You can bump it up a little, but any more than a half a point or so and you'll have to be buying gas at airports [:0].

        If this motor looks strange to your machinist...I'd be looking for another machinist. [^] There are several unique features with the rebuild of a Stude V8 that you don't want learned at your expense.

        Dick Steinkamp
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          Thanks for the responses, This guy has been doing stude motors for some time. While his comments are disturbing he knows these motors.I am glad you told me the compression ratio.8.8.1 is not bad, not that good either however I want to be able to go to gas station and fill up without an additive. I have some very good Stude people on fast dial.

          Studebakers forever!
          Studebakers forever!