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body coming off---suggestions ???

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  • body coming off---suggestions ???

    i'm getting ready to remove the body on my '64 avanti. would welcome any and all sage advice from those of you who have "been there before". what to be careful of, what NOT to do, tried and true lifting points and methods all come to mind. have had this car, (2nd owner) since 1977, took it pretty much apart in 1981, lost interest, tried to sell it in pieces several times to no avail, and recently decided to make my retirement project a complete restoration. thank you guys for any guidance.

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    Try looking here this will tell you what all needs to be disconnected prior to lifting the body. I just did it this last summer on my 1963 R2 to paint the frame and body. We just placed a pipe (you could use a 2x4 placed vertical) across the body in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels and proceeded to jack up a corner of the hog trough a little at a time and used large jack stands and wooden blocks to support the end of the pipe with each lift untill it was high enough to push the frame out from under the body. Not too bad compared to what I thought it would be like. Obviously the jacks or other supports need to be far enough past the sides of the body to clear the frame. I have heard of people using a nylon sling passing it through the windows to lift the body from above, I would think it would work since the roll bar is there and you would think that it would be well anchored but I just did not want to try it that way. You do need to get the body up about 3-1/2 feet or so to clear the engine so you need to have a high enough ceiling or do it outside. It might work well using four saw horses to rest the body on after you get it high enough. We had a rolling jig to put the body on that was given to me by someone that had made it to restore an Avanti previously.


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      I recruited six friends from a neighborhood party to lift it off. Make sure you have unscrewed all 19 fasteners per the shop manual and there's nothing attached to the body in the engine bay. Assuming you have disconnected everything, a straight lift should do it. Position four guys at the wheel wells with a hand under the torque boxes and a guy at the front and another at the rear. Obviously you should know where the body is going once you lift it off.