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1952 Studebaker Champion Wiring harness?

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  • 1952 Studebaker Champion Wiring harness?

    Anyone know of a cheaper wiring harness than the link below.

    Seems kind of expensive.

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    You can get generic harnesses and cut the lengths you need, attach your terminals, etc. and will have more invested than this. Studebakers West harnesses are ready to install and very much worth the peace of mind, knowing you won't get a short circuit that will burn you down.
    Should note: this is just the front harness from dash to engine; rear harness to tail lights will probably be another $70.

    Or... you could opt for a harness made of the original cloth braided lacquered wire. That will set you back almost $800.

    The other option is to buy a bunch of wire and make it yourself. Doable and has been done.

    You won't find a ready to use harness for less, unless it's been sitting on a shelf for fifty-eight years.
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      I re-wired my 1950 Champion with a Studebakers West harness and it was right on in wire lengths, colors and connectors. It made a hard job doable. Is it cheap-no. Is it worth it? Yes!
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