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  • 1963 Avanti Questions

    I have a few questions about redoing some items on a 1963 Avanti.
    1. The Neutral Safety Switch does not seem to be available from the major vendors, just the Backup Switch.
    What do people use to replace if too far gone to repair?
    2. How about the Power Window Relay?
    3. The cooling fan needs to be replaced, along with the fan clutch. Do the major vendors use the same ones as replacements and is one better than another? The correct fan has cut out edges, and I seem to remember that there is a reason for this. Can a replacement fan not have the edges cut out? Or anyone have the right fan?
    Please provide information or sources.
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    Studebaker International carries the neutral safety switch. In the electrical section (called a starter cut-out switch) 1558650 $85.00.


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      Originally posted by Georger View Post
      /Cut/3. The cooling fan needs to be replaced, along with the fan clutch.
      Do you mean the Engine Fan blades are bad? That rarely happens. The Viscous Drive Fan clutch is available.
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        the fan blades and fan clutch aren't bad, they are missing, they were replaced by some aftermarket unit. I was able to pick up a fan at Hershey that kind of looks right, but doesn't have the cutouts on the end. My understanding is that various vendors sell various replacement fan clutch units. Is one more right than another? Or close enough?
        It has been many years since I have had a Studebaker Avanti and haven't been paying too much attention.