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Special tools for Flight-o-matic rebuild?

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  • Special tools for Flight-o-matic rebuild?

    I'm seriously considering doing my own rebuild of my automatic transmission ('57 GH). Looking through the Shop Manual rebuild instructions, the only thing that is intimidating is the use of the 'special tools'. Often times these are not really necessary, just make the job simpler and faster. But wondering from those of you that have overhauled Flight-o-matics, are there any of these I really need to look hard for, either to borrow or buy? And suggestions where to look? I think it would be really fun (I do pocketwatch restorations, so don't mind tiny parts and precision/cleanliness requirements) and have always wanted to do a tranny, but don't want to get stuck with something that just can't be done, or done correctly, without the proper tools.

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    All Brands and types of Transmissions require "special" tools to do the job the most correct way and the easiest way.

    However many of them can be improvised or worked around, some cannot. I can think of one you could easily make or buy a universal one of, that's the clutch drum compressor used to compress the clutch drum springs to release the snap ring. That's another thing you will need is snap ring pliers.

    If you are real lucky, have the Shop Manual and acquire a few tools, it is POSSIBLE to do it yourself, and after a few tries it MAY work, but an Automatic Trans. is a very complex unit so if there is an obscure, damaged or broken part you do not notice, it will be a problem. I think what is key is having a good rebuildable unit that is mearly just slipping from deglect and needing cleaning, and all new SEALS, steel rings, clutches and maybe bands.
    Good Luck!

    This would probably not be ASE recommended to: "do this at home!"
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner