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Replacing body mounts

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  • tbredehoft
    Hi Chris, wish I could be there to help. Get yourself a piece of 12 ga sheet metal and a saber saw, grind the old mounts off the frame and using a piece of old shirt cardboard (ask your grandfather about it) fabricate something that will duplicate the mount. Once you have the form, flatten the cardboard out and using it, saw out a piece of steel. You probably will need help bending the sheet metal to the form you need, a brake (yeah that's what its called) will do a nice job of bending it. Once you get it into shape it can be welded into place. You will probably also have to drill at least one hole, for a mounting bolt, perhaps others to weld through, too. It's easier to do with the body off the frame, but it can be done with the body in place, just takes a little more work.

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  • Chris_Dresbach
    started a topic Replacing body mounts

    Replacing body mounts

    Some of the body mounts on my '40 are rusted, or just "not well"... It looks like they are welded to the frame. How do I replace them? Since body mounts for a model 2G are probably not the easiest to find... What is a good way to custom fabricate my own? Any input is appreciated.