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1952 Land Cruiser script emblem

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  • 1952 Land Cruiser script emblem

    On a 1952 Studebaker Land Cruiser on the front-lower part of the hood there are two script emblems. Mine has "Studebaker" on the left and "Land Cruiser" on the right. My question is: Should the right side be "Land Cruiser" or "Commander" script. Thanks if you can help. Studebaker International suggested that I pose this question as they weren't for sure.


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    If it's a Land Cruiser, with the vent window in the rear doors, it should say "Land Cruiser."

    Seems to me the "Studebaker" goes on the passenger side, but I don't have an example at hand, I stand ready to be corrected.

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      The Land Cruiser is a model within the Commader lineup. It would be correct to have Land Cruiser on the hood if that's what the car is. As Tom's said, the LC has rear door vent windows. Also, if it IS a '52 LC, the body tag - it's near the right hand hood hinge - would read 3H-Y5 on the top line. If it was just a Commander 4-door, it would read 3H-W*[^]

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        Thanks for the info guys! I'm new to this forum and what a great one it is, and I know by many of the responses of other questions posed, it is the QUALITY OF PEOPLE involved.



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          Also, to clarify, Studebaker is on the left (passenger side) if you're looking at the grill, Land Cruiser on the driver's side.
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