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  • 47-48-409 Champion

    Dumb question, how do you open the hood on these cars? (ie,47-48-409 Champion). We can not find an inside hood release or an outside one. Thanks.
    David G. Nittler

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    Without my parts catalog here I'm speculating. '47 to '52 should have a cable release to the left of the steering column. Some had knobs under the dash; some had a knob that was part of the dash trim. Either should be labeled "H". If there is any cable that runs from the dash through the firewall and is not the speedometer or park brake I would suspect it.
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      Rockne is right about the cable lever. I assume that is missing, or you wouldn't have asked this question. If so, you can open the hood latch by pushing a long, thin screwdriver or rod up through a hole in the latch plate (I think its right behind the main latch pin) which is visible from below at the center top of the grille. You'll get pretty proficient at it after a while, you won't even need to look for the hole.
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