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  • 62' champ oil type

    hey, can you tell me what is the best type of oil to use in a 62 champ p/u. it is a 6 cyl. thanks, david

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    Many people here have avocated the use of 15W 40 Diesel-type oil as it has more detergents and so on in it. However, the newer oils are questionable in their compatibility to the needs of our old engines. I've continued using it, though I'm hesitant to recommend the same.

    Studebaker recomended a single viscosity oil. For (largely) warm weather driving 30 wt. to frigid conditions of 5 wt. They didn't discourage multi-weights though. The Shop manual recommends using oils that have a viscosity range that matches your location and the conditions you anticipate driving in. Once again, from 20W-40 to 5W-20.

    There is also an additive that's been widely recommended here called ZDDP. How effective it is, I wouldn't know. Maybe one of our resident chemists or engineers can weigh in on that one.
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      Really, again...or still..?



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        Try a search here for ZDDP, to get the more info than you can stand on the correct oil or additives for all flat tappet Engines without roller lifters or overhead camshafts such as ours.
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