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  • Carb pictures please

    Just had a customer come in to my shop with a little problem with his carburetor and it looked almost exactly like the one on my 48 M16. The only difference I see is that it looks like a more modern design than what I have and it is off an older vehicle (47 Plymouth). I am starting believe I dont have the proper carb on my truck. I also believe it was installed backwards. Can anyone please post some pictures of an unmolested engine particularly the carb setup (close-ups would be nice) so I can figure this out. Thanks, Neal

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    After a little more research I have determined that the carb on my truck is the original. One reason for my confusion is that I bought a carb a few years ago that was supposed to be for my truck. It turns out that carb is for a Studebaker truck but one a little newer, 1955.

    So my new question is; which carb should I rebuild? Would there be any advantage to using the ‘55 over the original? The carb kit is the same for both and I have it. The only problem I foresee in the newer carb is the choke is backwards from my application which would have to be modified. Neal


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      It's your call, but if the original carb shafts are not sloppy in their bores and it is otherwise in good shape I would rebuild it.
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