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need transmission AS2-7A for '57 Golden Hawk

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  • need transmission AS2-7A for '57 Golden Hawk

    continuing to strip down my '57 Golden Hawk, and was curious why the transmission oil-cooling lines were disconnected from the radiator.... After getting a mirror and crawling around underneath the car I finally could see the Serial Number tag, and I've got a FOMOCO tranny! :-( Looks exactly the same as the Flight-o-matic, and I guess they were both made by Borg-Warner, so probably worked as a swap. But, I'd really like to have the original tranny, and wondering who might have one sitting out behind the shop that I could buy? I'm going to rebuild it anyway, so not as concerned about it being in perfect condition, as long as it is rebuildable.
    It should have a copper-colored serial number tag on the left-side of the case, by the throttle-lever, and is Model AS2-7A, Stude #1542711 (though I don't think that number is on it anywhere?). Easiest identification might be that it has two fittings on the right side, in front and behind the fluid-filler neck, where the cooling lines were connected. This was only on the Golden Hawk I think (maybe President or something too?). Anyway, the addition of the two cooling line fittings for the K7 Golden Hawk was different than the earlier AS2-7A, according to the Shop Manual notes...
    Any suggestions? Thanks!