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  • 1927 Dictator>>???s

    Apparently, my "way-back machine" dropped me off about 30-40 years too soon.

    As my Dictator EU is not an exact fit here, might someone suggest a source for
    engine specs, torque settings, and such for a 1927 "EU-1" "standard" 6 ?



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    There are members on here who may be able to help you, but the Antique Studebaker Club would probably be more help. There is a link on the SDC home page.
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      All I did was google the phrase, and this came up.
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        I have a 1927 Standard six (Dictator) Touring car. The engine is 242 cu. in, and rated at 50 HP. I've never seen torque ratings, but I suspect it's maximum torque is developed around 1000 RPM. My car has 4:18 gears, cruises nicely at 45 mph, I've had it to 50 mph, and pulls hills in high at 25 mph.

        What body style do you have? If you need engine parts, mid year alot changed, so be careful. My engine is more akin to a 1925-26 Standard six than a 1927 Dictator.


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          your basic: "thank you"

          I have a penchant for rambling, so please tolerate my ways.............

          .......first, thanks for suggestions....all are appreciated.

          ........then, the complete truth >> I am doing the leg work ( make that, "finger" work) for my friend Tom who just bought the '27 in question. We swap and barter time and energy and I can do things on a computer he is not able to, whereas he has tools I don't.

          ....that being said: he is venturing down this road for the first time, his other cars are classics but non-stude .. and all circa 1950's +

          My first car (though I am only 62) was, Honestly, a 1929 Mode A 4dr sedan. and my second: a '30 A coupe, with rumble seat. My high school friends had 57 chevys, chopped and channeled street rods and the usual collection of custom and soup of the 1960's. Ahh, but Dad: well his friends had restored Model T's, old Bob Whites and yep, one guy a Studey.

          So dad, who had the shop and the money allowed his son to drive, IF, he restored. So it Goes........

          but, I digress. All this is to say, as time goes on I'm pretty sure I'll be bothering you folks with more questions. Though, I hope also, a decent story or two of thing's Tom learns.

          I'm pretty sure, knowing Tom as I do, there will be lots of stories .........his enthusiasm often leads his logic.

          Case in point >> he has a body, which apparently is very clean and Most of an engine and Most of a drive train. It's in storage and I would not even venture a guess as to when he will actually start.

          Yet here he is, real anxious to find out if Studebaker used Torque wrenches when they assembled his standard six and if so what were the settings. He evidently has a reprint of a 1927 manual which only states "tighten" the bolts. So I suppose another way to say it is: "how do you know when tight is tight enough?

          And now I am back to the start of this ramble. I apologize I was not more clear in specifying the "torque question" and again thank all for the replies.

          be back when I'm to speak