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Can someone give me the specs.

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  • Can someone give me the specs.

    I just put rear HD springs and bushing in my 62 Lark Daytona.
    Can someone tell me the torque on the bolts that hold them in.
    When I removed the springs I did note that the front of the spring right rear side bolt was in the lower hole and the left front bolt was in the upper hole on the bracket. Is this right ? Or do they go in the same holes ??s As the Drivers side is the left side. Is this for a when the driver is in the car so it will not lean? I hope that I am clear on what im trying to say. Thank you much. Gene.

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    That is to compensate for the weight of the driver. About 90 percent of the time there is only one person in the car and that keeps it level. Almost all of the passenger cars are like that and the trucks have offset rear brackets.
    The torque is 60-65 lbs. ft. But good and tight is what I do.
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      Thank you Alan.