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What do you know about welders?

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  • What do you know about welders?

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    I just went down to the weld shop and poised your question...

    They said that might be a little on the high side, it depends on the bottles (full size cylinders?)
    You can get a new-in-the-box one for under $500... plus another $300 for the accessories.
    How do you plan on using it?
    structural steel = trailers = STICK
    sheet metal = autobody = MIG
    aluminum = ladders = TIG
    you-name-it = arts and crafts = GAS TORCH

    AND, you will want to use flux core wire with it for the best results.


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      Fred, are you saying that this is 3 separate welders? You might want to check the price of new units on line, but if you need them that might be a good deal.
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        It's atually 4 seperate items...

        Lincoln 175HD MIG welder.
        Gas torch oxi-Acetylene setup with large bottles, cutting and "rose bud" tips? On a cart.
        A portable oxi-Acetylene setup with empty bottles.
        Lincoln 225AC stick welder.

        I think I may pass on the stick welder.

        So that works out to $225 each if I get all 4.


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          As fas as what I'm gonna use it for...well I need to put in floors in the the MIG should be perfect for that.
          Never know what you might need to cut in the shop, and with the addition of a portable unit, you can cut anywhere.

          I welded 1/4" 3x5" tubing for a bumper a while back with that very mig and it was more than hot enough to blow holes in the metal using flux core wire.


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            On the high side for used equipment. The Lincoln 175 is a sweet machine if set up for 75/25. You could use that and .023 wire to put the floors in.
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              If you pursue this buy, make sure the gas bottles have their papers with them. Not sure about your state, but here in Illinois, the local gas companies have a monopoly on gas. They won't fill bottles that they don't own, so you have to lease bottles from them. Used to be, you could buy a life time lease, but these days they only offer a 10 year lease. I had to re-up my lease a couple years ago & I think it was around 200 bucks. I had bought my torch outfit at a farm auction & if the papers hadn't been there, the purchase price would have been half of what I paid.

              I also think $1000 is a little hi for used equipment. A used lincoln buzz box can ususally be found at auction for 50 to 100 dollars.
              Mike Sal


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                Looking on Ebay, it appears that the Lincoln 175 HD has been replaced by a 180 HD and they are selling for around $400 brand new. Perhaps $750 for the entire package is fair?
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