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    I have a 1962 Lark, 4 door sedan, 3 speed with a 259 V8. There's two things I would like some help on. I want to replace the front bench seat with buckets seats and a center console if possible. Does anyone know what cars would have a seat that would fit? The other thing is, the car has a three speed transmission. I have a T 86 with O.D. I want to put in. Does anyone know if there is a top plate with the shifter built in that would bolt right on this transmission. I think I've heard them called a top loader. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Gene
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    Gene Shambaugh

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    I believe that some of the earlier trans top shifters can be adapted to the T86, but if you want a floor-shifted OD, a T-5 is the way to go. They are pretty inexpensive & shift nicely. We have conversion experts here who can advise you & sell you the necessary parts to make the conversion.

    I can probably help you with the seats you want.
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      Yes, a Jeep T-90 shifter plate will bolt onto the T-86 with some very minor modifications. I think it's a really slick setup. You have to elongate the two rear holes about 3/16" and cut the low/reverse shift fork off and move it 3/16" inch back. You also have to weld a plate onto the fork so shifting into reverse works like normal. Without it you have to pull the O/D handle out every time you want to back up.

      Here's one on eBay now:
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