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Mounting a Winch On Pat's Trailer

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  • Mounting a Winch On Pat's Trailer

    Mounted a remote control winch 'inside' a tongue mounted box on Pat Skelly's trailer today.
    Not quite finished, but it has turned out pretty slick so far.
    Put the battery in a plastic marine case (to keep things clean), and Pat can store his tie downs right in there.
    Oh, it's a fancy remote control winch....with a key fob control.
    Pic's are up at Webshots:

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    An electric winch is a nice accessory on a trailer. The trailer that I sometimes borrow from work has a winch mounted on a section of square tubing which fits in a receiver with a pin just like a trailer hitch. The winch has long cables that can be run to the tow vehicles battery and a control cord that plugs into the end of the winch. The nice thing is if you use the trailer for something else the winch is not taking up space. It sure beats dragging a vehicle onto the trailer with a come-along.
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      Cute little thing. Hope everything it's used on is lightweight and the tires are fully aired up...
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