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Can't get it in reverse

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  • Can't get it in reverse

    I have a 3 sp/OD on the tree and am having periodic difficulty getting it in to reverse. I am also unable to pull the OD dis-engage lever out when this happens. I understand this may be an electrical problem and not a mechanical one.

    Any suggestions as to which part I should replace?
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC

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    The first consideration is/are motor and transmission mounts. Assuming these are good.....

    Push the OD control under the dash in. Try to shift into reverse, with the car stationary, but with the motor running. slip the clutch a little. It should go into reverse.

    With the car stationary with the engine running, pull the OD control out. It should go into reverse, perhaps with a little clutch slipping.

    There is no electrical connection in either of these instances.

    Overdrive cannot engage (normally) below 'shift-into-second' speed.

    Questions to answer

    1) With the control in, with the motor off, will the car roll forward in first gear? If no, the transmission is still in OD, a not normal condition. Replace the solenoid

    2) With the control out, with the motor off, will the car roll in any gear (except neutral)? If yes, there is something drastically wrong.

    Hope this helps.