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    I would like to avoid using a new harness/relay for the headlights so I'm looking at 6014 lamps. The GE and Sylvania are rated at 60 watts- similar to halogen.
    NAPA has one listed at 6 watts- I'm thinking typo.
    Anyone know about/used these lamps with standard harness/ (12v 57 Hawk)
    57 Golden Hawk
    Golden, CO

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    I think you would be doubling the rated load on the wire and the switch. You should follow the thread below about adding a relay. The 60 watt bulbs are only safer for night vision if your car is not on fire.


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      I use 6024 halogen headlights in my Studebakers as they are brighter than the filament type bulbs and I believe that they draw slightly less current too. I haven't replaced any of the wiring in my cars, but I did make sure that all of the connections in the lighting circuit were clean and tight. Any corroded or loose connections in the wiring will cause an overheat condition and dim lights. Bud