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U Joints and center bearing

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  • U Joints and center bearing

    Somewhere in turning wheels I read that Studebaker used Spicer U joints and they were still available because the same joint is used in modern hi-los and some John Deere equipment. The bearing (yoke) assembly is listed as Part # S16059. could this be a Spicer #?

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    Spicer U-Joints are readily available. What application are you needing a U-joint? Studebaker used a common size U-joints for the most part. The yoke size on Dana 44s are 1310, which is very common. That part # you listed is not a spicer number. Here is a link to Spicers website.


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      Thanks, I learned today at Auto Value that the joints are readily available. Precision #369 is the one and they had them in stock