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Truck Heater vs wiper arms

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  • Truck Heater vs wiper arms

    Working on c cab truck. I currently have a type B style heater and have a later model 12 volt wiper system. I want to put a type A heater in the truck; I just like the look of it better. I like the lazy s on the front of it, and I would like to get rid of the fan mounted on the fender. Question is will it work with the later style wiper system, or will the wiper arms hit it?
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    I have no personal experience with putting a 12v wiper system in a truck with a type A heater, but the critical parameter would appear to be the size of the type A heater box vs the type B. The parts books don't tell us exactly when Stude changed from the A to B heaters, but electric wipers were available as an option on all C-cab trucks. So we know that Stude offered electric wipers on trucks with the type A heater box. The design of the truck electric wipers changed very little (except for the voltage of the wiper motor) during that entire run, though there was a change in the mounting bracket at the serial numbers listed in footnote 18 of section 24 of the 2R-2E parts book. So if your truck has a serial number after those, I think an original Stude 12v wiper system should fit fine. I am not familiar with the aftermarket truck wiper systems, so can't provide any info on whether they will fit or not.
    Skip Lackie