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  • mystery part and mystery window

    this electrical... thing... i pulled out from between the passenger door and the rear window. the wire only goes about 6 inches down... about where the garment hanger is on the pillar. can't find anything on the wiring diagram that makes sense except for "pillar switch". there's only one on the wiring diagram; and that's separate from "door switch". i replaced the wiring for the dome light and stuck this in there, too, as it was.

    what is this part, what does it do, where does it go, and do i really need it?

    the window i got with the car. it was supposed to be the replacement for my drivers door window (which is missing), but there's no possible way for it to fit. the size and even the bracket is wrong. if i can identify this window, it will help me sell it. does anyone want it?
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    That is part of the switch where the wire screws in, looks like it got broken and your switch is lost. Lucky you have a '51 the switches are available new and used. I'm not sure about that window. It is either way earlier than your car, or the wrong door. (rear)


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      Just to expand on what Alan wrote, there is (or, in your case, was) a plastic slide switch on the pillar between the passenger side doors that controls the rear dome light. The switch is a mixed blessing, especially if you have curious kids who turn it on (during the day) to see what it does then, because it doesn't seem to do anything, leave it on and run down the battery.
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        where is this said switch mounted? it's entirely possible i yanked the wire hard enough and left the switch there. i took off the garment hook on the pillar (or was that the switch??? i have a 2-door sedan); which was shot to shoot anyway. shined my flashlight around every hole i could find to look inside, but found nothing. could someone post pictures of what it's supposed to look like? while i'm doing the wiring anyway, i'd like to get it correct. i realize i can probably do without it, but i'd rather fix it and have the option than have no option once i get upholstery put in.

        for reference, that plastic "garment hook" i removed is sitting on the glass window to the left of the baggie (see picture). two long screws, but the rest of the piece was shot and undiscernable. perhaps this metal connector piece was attached to one of the long screws?
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          Here's a pic of a '48 Starlight coupe. Should be similar. Your car uses the same switch. There are reproductions available. Not cheap, but glad they're available. RE: What you're calling a garment hook....if it looks like mine, it is an "assist strap." You grab ahold of it to help you get in and out of the back seat. They are made of (now rotten) fabric.

          Here's a shot of the back side of the switch. Part number is 281130X3. Photo courtesy of Stude Int'l. Looks like maybe you have the remains of the terminal.
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            ok, that makes sense now. here are pictures of my switch... see how i confused it as a busted garment hook? i didn't pay attention except to that it was plastic and just overlooked it. kind of an early design that the cadillac's stole in the 80's, isn't it? i never imagined such a thing on a car this old.

            so there are no garment hooks. not like i ever used one, anyway. there isn't even that much space between the door and the back window like yours, kurt. there appears to be a strap on the driver's side, but i haven't really cared enough to pay attention to that yet. most of my interior is gone; except for the rear passenger side, which is all torn up. hence the not paying attention to anything that looks like a garment hook, as i wouldn't have reinstalled it anyway. the only reason i took the switch off the upholstery the other day is to look behind it to see where that wire went. boy, do i feel silly!
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