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  • 1965 cruiser upgrades

    Bought a nice 1965 blue ,Cruiser w/283 I drive it every day to work. (my Jr. Hi students LOVE it) While the present ignition system is fine, I am considering an HEI distributor. I know they work, but are there any fitment problems or quirks I should be aware of? I will drive this one until my '63 Cruiser is finished....or my '62 GT....or my '61 Champ is finished......

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    It might be best to buy an HEI with the standard sized distributor cap and an external coil. I don't think there's enough room by the firewall for the large cap type with the coil mounted in the center. I have a large cap type in my 66 Daytona, but the previous owner pushed the center of the firewall back to clear it.
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      I agree with Scott. Keep the original distributor or at least get one the same size. I have had mine now with a Pertronix conversion & coil for over 10 years now with no regrets.
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        On the Stude-engined cars, I've heard of people using the pickup out of a later MoPar Prestolite in the Stude Prestolite housing (like Dave T. used to sell) with a HEI module in place of the MoPar "orange box." Keeps a stock-ish look and apparently works well. However, I think that GM went straight from the points type dists. to the big cap HEI so I don't know if there are any options for you there.

        My dad has been running a late 70's HEI dist. in his '73 pickup for years and it does work well. I just don't know if you will have the clearance in the Stude body.

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          What's wrong with the distributor that's in it? If your condensor is good & the upper shaft bushing is good, it'll run forever.

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            Quality points are getting tough to find, so I switched to a Pertronics module and coil about a year ago.
            No regrets...


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              Go with the Pertronix. No need to change the plug wires, no fitment problems and all you need to do is carry a Uniset point and condenser combo and you can always get where you're going in case of module failure.