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    Is it possible to jump start a 6 volt car with a 12 volt car or will it cause damage to them?

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    Originally posted by stephenj View Post
    Is it possible to jump start a 6 volt car with a 12 volt car or will it cause damage to them?
    Yes you can Just make sure you have lights off and anything that might blow because of the higher voltage.
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      I have done it often (unfortunately). I have a couple of suggestions about technique. If possible, have a helper so that as soon as the car cranks...the helper can disconnect the 12 volt system immediately. Make sure you connect the positive to positive and negative to negative, keeping in mind that the 6 volt is "positive" ground.

      Due to the fact that many of our older cars have gas leaks around the carburetor...connect the cables to the 6 volt system first. (this keeps the chance of sparks from causing a fire under the hood of your prized Studebaker)

      Then connect the positive to the 12 volt. Just as you press the starter...have the helper connect the negative on the 12 volt. This will insure that the 12 volts are applied just long enough to carry out the job. As soon as the engine fires...the helper can disconnect the 12 volt supply.

      Oh, and another very important thing. Make sure you have very heavy gauge jumper cables. The cheap crappy ones will get hot and could cause you to burn your hands in addition to causing the transfer of power to be weaker.

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        Thanks for the Info.