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pin striping 2R5 wheels for colour code P-2202

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  • pin striping 2R5 wheels for colour code P-2202

    I am finding it very difficult to get consistent spacing on the striping on my rims. I'm using Bugler gear. Any suggestions?

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    I bought two critical items:
    1. A large (but cheap) Lazy Susan turntable to place the wheel on and center it up so that the rim and surfaces don't have run-out. It only takes a couple of minutes of poking the wheel to get it centered.
    2. A kit from Max Corkins consisting of a striper (cheap version of Buegler), a large wooden cone that goes under the wheel to center on the i.d, and a long arm on a pivot that plugs into the cone center to let the arm rotate around the cone/wheel center and tilt up and down. You can make one of these yourself without a lot of effort. The striper is attached to the outer end of the pivoting arm. The arm and striper are lowered to let the striper wheel just kiss the wheel surface while you turn the wheel on the Lazy Susan. Actually, with Max's kit, you don't need the Lazy Susan, the arm swings around the wheel. That gives good stripes at a fixed radius from the center. Your Buegler may be able to do all 3 stripes at once, but otherwise put a 1/16" (.15 mm) space between the three stripes of 1/16", 3/16", and 1/16" width.

    If you mess up a stripe, immediately wipe it off with solvent and start again.

    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.

    '32 Indy car replica (in progress)
    ’41 Commander Land Cruiser
    '48 M5
    '65 Wagonaire Commander
    '63 Wagonaire Standard
    web site at


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      WOW! Something I'd been contemplating for my '41. Thanks Gary


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        I'd like to see a photo of that rig... the discription is confusing me.
        I have striped wheels in the past with a brush (I'm a sign painter) with the rim mounted on the back axle... rear of the car off the ground and idling in first gear. Worked fine IF you use a good brush that you can load up. If your rim is bent, you are screwed.


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          Thanks for this info Gary. I had seen the results on your web site and was hoping you'd reply. So far I have been mounting rims on a front wheel for accurate rotation as the Lazy Susan turntables seemed to have too much play. However the vertical orientation is not the best. The cone would help with accurate placement of the rim. I also like the "big compass" or "scriber " appoach" to hold the Buegler. The curved surfaces and many reflections really make a parrelel line difficult even with the Buegler guides. Unfortunatly they don't make 3 roller heads. The lacquer thinner works great for removing my unacceptable results. I'll try Max, thanks again.


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            Gary, thanks for this. I spoke with Max this afternoon and he will be at Hershey demonstrating striping wheels. I'll see him there. He will be at booth OBK61.


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              Gary, went to Hershey, met Max, stripped a couple of rims with his gadget. Excellent results in no time at all. Thanks for the tip.