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Milling 289 Head Limits

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    Paul -

    You won't know exactly how long the pushrods will need to be until you get the engine together.
    Then with the help of an adjustable pushrod, you can check the pattern left on the valve tip by the rocker arm pad. Make the pushrod the length it needs to be by checking the witness make left on the valve tip. This mark should be "centered" on the valve tip. Adjust the length until you achieve this centered clean mark.
    You can use a light film of grease, a felt tip marker...ect.

    I don't know if I'd trust the hand made method. I guess you could give it a try...
    But like Jack says...for about $125...not sure I'd want to take the chance.



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      Thanks for the guidance - All ideas pretty much go along w/ what is planned. Re: setting up the contact area (rocker to valve tip) the magazine "Engine Masters" has had a recent article on exactly this subject - A great all around engine build magazine, if you are not already familiar w/ it.
      Thanks again, Paul keller