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  • Floor panel finishes

    What factory finish was applied to the interior surfaces of floor panels? Primer-paint-other? If painted, were they the same color as the body's exterior?


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    On the Larks that I have had they have all been body color (same as the exterior). I can not say for the older cars/trucks.



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      My all original 51 Commander has the floors painted body color.
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      51 Commander 4 door


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        Likewise with my '55 President. Same colour as outside.
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          My '51 and '53 appeared to be primed and overshot with sound deadening glop. The '60 and '63 were body color with no glop. The '33 seams to be bare plywood.
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            Removed the seats from my '57GoldenHawk this weekend and cleaned 30 years of debris and dirt from the floor; the entire floor is a pale yellow color, assume it is a primer coat. Body color is the traditional Tiara Gold, so definitely NOT body color.....


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              I have found that pale yellow in panels in my 55K which was satin black from the factory. Mentioned it before and people thought I was daft. Saw the pale yellow on many early c/ks. So it's primer? I wondered where all the pale yellow Studes had gone (lol).
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                The correct color is "rust" LOl use an etching primer on it, and a good couple coats of color. as primer is NOT water proof!

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                  My '53 Starlight had undercoat sprayed on bare metal and body color on top of it when I was tearing it down for restoration.


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                    My '53 Starliner had the sound deadening asphalt stuff sprayed over grey primer or bare metal depending on where it was. Then, there was a "mist" coat of body color overspray on top of that.

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