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how can I tell if I have the T/T Positraction rear-end on my '57GH?

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  • how can I tell if I have the T/T Positraction rear-end on my '57GH?

    hello again! I have the 'production order' on order from Studebaker Museum, but since it wil be several weeks before that arrives, wondering how I can tell what rear-end is on our '57 GH? I can't find any photos in the three factory manuals I have (Shop, Chassis or Body) that show standard vs the positraction. Are there photos showing the difference in case-housing somewhere?

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    The cases are the same. Originally there were two tags on the differential, one with a ratio, another dealing with the TT. If these are gone, remove the plug in the back, not the bottom, and stick your little finger in the hole. If it goes as far as the first knuckle, it will go farther and is NOT a TT. If you can't put your finger into the hole, it IS a TT.


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      Rev it up and side-step the clutch. If both tires spin its TT. The quick way to tell without the tags is jack up the rear getting both tires off the ground. Spin one tire and if the other tire spins in the same direction its TT. If it spins backwards its open. Steve


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        Jack the car up in the rear, turn one wheel (doesnt matter which) if the one
        on the opposite side turns the SAME direction, its a working limited slip, if it
        turns the OPPOSITE direction - its a peg leg OR worn out limited slip.

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          thanks guys. Took out the top plug, and I can stick my finger all the way in . Bummer..... Oh well, not planning on driving it on ice very often so maybe doesn't matter, but was hoping it had the TT option. :-)