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Vintage Air in late Lark ('64) What fits under the dash?

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    it won't be bolt in but

    the Vintage Air Gen II MINI is your best bet in your cruiser,
    some mounting points and brackets will be needed
    heater core/cowl will need to be blocked off. The unit will tuck up nicely under the dash but will be visible.

    The next item to tackle is where you would put all the vents, (mini) 2 defrost thats a given, and up to 3 additional ducts make your cruiser dash very crowded.

    Guess it boils down to how much work do you want to put into it.
    61 Lark



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      This is JUST for CASOs but, if you have a Hawk, certain Jeep units will fit in quite nicely under the dash, end to end-fit is really quite good. Friend did that to his finned 61 driver Hawk. its works so strong that it has to be turned off


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        Gen IV system in a 53 , this is a floor view, from standing or seated in the vehicle, it's really not noticeable. OEM evap units look like this all the time. It may bother some, but to me it's unobtrusive, and makes the whole thing easier to do. The gen 4 is much more powerful and a better unit overall, also.