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Traction bar bushings solution?

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  • Traction bar bushings solution?

    I ordered and installed new traction arm bushings from a big time Stude vender and they crumbled to pieces after 3-4 thousand miles. I expect they were NOS?
    Said vender said there" was nothing wrong with them", under hard driving, they don't last long or something to that effect. (Yeh, it's not like I can get rubber from this car and the originals were mostly intact after more than 40 years.)
    Short story is he won't stand by them ( a lousy 20 bucks and I am well into my second grand with him)

    Next set came from another major vendor and they are as hard a rocks. Yeh, they are going back.

    The big question: Is there anything out there I can use that is not 40+ years old? Any decent bushing in adult driving out to last 50K or at least ten years.
    '64 R2 back on da road again

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    Amen brother! mine did the same thing.......maybe urethane shock absorber bushings will work????
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      do you have an unused one? I'd be tempted to get the dimensions of a NOS one, and then sit down with the Energy Suspension catalog and see if you can find a modern equivalent.

      I think I got some bushings in a Moog box from Dave T. but I may be confusing them with the sway bar bushings, I'm not sure.

      good luck,

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        So any sources for decent bushings out there or do I need to have something machined out of eurethane?
        '64 R2 back on da road again


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          Originally posted by Bills R2 View Post
          So any sources for decent bushings out there or do I need to have something machined out of eurethane?

          Go to your local truck suspension folks and hope that there is someone at the counter that will search the specs. My local supplier A-1 Truck will do that. You may be pleasantly surprised, I hope.

          Remember, all you need is OD as you can cut to length and add a center bushing to fit the bolt.



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            Before I bought the Gib-Trac I found these bushings in the Dorman "HELP!" section:
            PN:31010 "Shock Absorber Bushing" they looked like they would fit perfectly, but I
            never had a chance to try it.

            Dorman Shock Bushing : .688" x 1.38" x 1.70"


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              Hollow Delrin rod is available from McMaster. A little shaping, and it's a bushing. I could make some if anyone wanted.
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                Thank You SCBA, the NAPA # FYI is 650-1110 and they are only $2.70 each.

                The hard, crappy bushings from the Stude vendors cost me alot of time. The money was secondary.
                These bushings are normal in feel and should last decades instead of months.
                The money I wasted having my springs re-arched...that's another story.
                '64 R2 back on da road again