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What should I look at next. Charging system

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    Thanks for the follow up. It is always educating to find out what finally cures the problem. The biggest part of my job is troubleshooting and many times the problem is something unusual because everything else has already been checked.


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      Originally posted by Edsel G. Tattooer View Post
      Ok here was the deal. I havent driven the car much this summer, well because it was freaking hot, humid, and raining most of this summer. So i drove the car to work just the other day. Charging system still not working. Now after knowing all components are just fine. What could be wrong. I thought well it has to be a bad ground where I asked the ground on the regulator I ran another wire to the battery terminal sure as shinola it was working just fine after that. A crappy ground on the regulator itself. Who figured it out? A dummy like me that's who.
      Glad to hear you got it figured out!
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