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  • 60 Hawk Question

    I am sure that someone will know this right away. What size is the window channel that runs around the inside of the window frame? I am going to buy bulk roll stuff, but I am no where near the old girl right now to measure and I dare not ask the wife to measure the channel.[B)] If any one can help thanks.

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    Your question doesn't make sense. I can't think of anything associated with the window channel of your Hawk that would come in a "bulk roll".[B)]

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      You can buy it in 6-8 foot lengths, but it does not roll up. You can bend it using the glass as a jig, but it's not very flexable.

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        OK my bad, roll was not a good word, It will come in sticks of 6 ft. I am curious if anyone knows the measurements of the channel?

        Also does any one have any spare little spring clips that hold the windows on the pins?

        60 Black Hawk
        "sometimes down"