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    I remember in the fifty's that alot of cars had aftermarket parts on them. That what made the fifty's. I had a 1951 Pontiac with a aftermarket sunvisor. I also own a 1954 Olds with turnpike cruser skirts. What about cat eyes and white walls that were fake? That is what I remember about the fifty's. We did what we wanted to make it our car. To be correct is important,but not that important, I'm just glad to own a Studebaker....


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    Original - custom - modified - they ALL have their "devotees". Thing is, it's YOUR Stude and you can do whatever you want to it! That's not to say it won't garner critques or praise, but that's just the way of this world. Heh - if I took every critque I've been on the recieving end of to heart, I'd be a sniffling ball of misery.

    Your memories are correct! There was a vast array of aftermarket stuff to doll up your ride back then. Much more so than there is today.
    I would never put one of those aftermarket chrome, spinning propellors on the front of my bulletnose Stude but LOTS of people did! Simply a matter of personal tastes!

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      Yea, your right, I would never put a prop on my Studebaker.


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        I just found a prop for my Stude, you know it increases your gas mileage, read the instructions