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Still Seeking Clock

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  • Still Seeking Clock

    Back with the same request again. I am still looking for that clock, this time I have a picture as well. I missed out on a 61 lark a few weeks ago that was a parts car in Iowa that had the clock[V]But I lived to far away to get it back just for that clock.

    And it was just a few days ago that I found one but it was way out of my price range ($125 plus S&H) and I didn't even know if it work.

    So now I am back...... just to see if anyone can help me.

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    It appears there is a clock already in the dash. Have you tried to get it running again?
    I have fixed several ,and if it is a Borg clock, its very easy. Just remove from dash, take the cover off, clean it by swabbing gently the gears and escapement with a soft artist brush dipped in alcohol. Then add a small drop of light oil like silicon, to thr bearings and manually reset the spring. Then, clean the points with emery paper. Let it run this way for a few minutes by resetting the spring. You may have to coax by gently spinning the balance wheel a few times, Then, hook to 12 volt source. and let it run a few hours.
    Assemble and your good to go for a year or more.
    All the above assumes the clock magnet coil is not damaged-they usually are in good shape.

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      61LaRk4dr: Please do not put the same request on both forums at the same time!
      You've got a better, more descriptive one on the General Discussion forum that will not get you wrong answers like you got! And you have someone offering you one over there!

      Thanks very much StarlightChamp for a very good post on how to repair these clocks, they were the best available for the money at the time and work great, look great when working, just not up to the challenge of the dirt, vibration and power surges in a car. What 61LaRk4dr didn't say in this post is; he has NO clock and wants to buy one like the pictured one!

      quote:Originally posted by 61LaRk4dr

      Back with the same request again. I am still looking for that clock,
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