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Tinted Windows on 64 Cruiser?

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  • Tinted Windows on 64 Cruiser?

    What color or colors did the tinted windows come from the factory with? I have seen green on '63's. My '64 has green or black(?). The vendors I see offer green or black. But what is correct?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I don't think you saw any Studebaker Vendors offering BLACK! You would never see a factory tint before about the 1990's in Black. Studebakers are like all the others in the '50's and 60's they were a med. Green until 1958 and lighter in '59-'66 only one color, and no Blue/Green Aqua, Gray, Pink, Black or Silver like you see the aftermarket tint shops doing, dark black is illegal of course, except on rear windows and rear backlight.

    The Windshields are now being made in China in Lt. Green Tint or Green Tint with Aqua darker blue/Green sun band at the top. That is about IT for correct Studebaker tint. Of course, your car, your money, you can go around looking like an invisible gangster if you wish!

    Do I hate driving behind blacked out, impossible to see though Cars & SUV's, and
    not seeing their intentions or which way the ILLEGAL TINTED vehicle owners are looking at intersections, if you guessed YES, you are correct.

    I never did understand why it was that after 1958, Studebaker Dealers hardly EVER ordered tinted glass, it sometimes would be ordered on cars with A/C but even in warm So. Calif. where I grew up, the Dealers including the one my Dad worked at in Inglewood very seldom ever ordered it, just like the very expensive A/C so maybe 95% or MORE of the '59-'66's came with CLEAR glass. I always thought it was about the added cost, trying to stay competitive when their cars were usually already higher than others, but even in those days it just doesn't make sense for maybe about $40.00 full, or $10.00 Windshield only.
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      LOL, you are correct, I did not mean black like some of the late 90's Suburbans had on their back windows or as I have seen in AZ. Lt Green tint is what I figured was standard. the car is in Souther California, and I wanted a little factory tinting for the somewhat hot days we have here, since I don't have AC the future.




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        My '53 Starliner, my '64 Wagonaire and my '64 Avanti have the original tinted glass, all windows on the '53, windshield only on the Wagonaire (couldn't order all tint glass on a Canadian Wagonaire) and full tint including the front and rear sunbands on the Avanti. It seems like the green on the '53 is much darker than the later cars.
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          My 64 Cruiser has the green tinted windows all around. I'm lucky in that all but the front windshield are original, and even that is the correct color.