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1957 commander front brakes

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  • 1957 commander front brakes

    working on the front brakes,the shoe with the shorter lining goes at the front of the car? the arrow on the keystone shaped cam points toward the front of the car? is the primary shoe the one with the full lining?

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    Studying the picture in the manual, the primary shoe is the upper one, I can't tell which is forward in the picture. Yes the primary shoe has the longer lining, and yes the arrow points forward. Make sure you lube that keystone piece so that it moves freely. If it's frozen, you only have one shoe working.


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      Tom is correct on the wedge position, the arced edge goes forward (arrow forward).

      However on the shoe placement the short lining goes forward, the long lining rear.

      The Forward Shoe is referred to as the PRIMARY Shoe, that may be because it starts the self energizing action, then the rear shoe does most of the work.

      Of course that leaves the Rear Shoe being CALLED the SECONDARY Shoe.

      The original shoes even had harder lining on the rear shoe, modern re-lined shoes are rarely correct, not even having the lining lengths correct, some shoes I get have full length lining on BOTH Shoes!

      And of course it's been a lot of years since NEW Studebaker shoes were made, and the new one's that do exist for the rear, were made for newer Jeeps.
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