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Oil pan, oil pump, and fluids question

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  • Oil pan, oil pump, and fluids question

    I'm still planning on replacing my 232 with the 289 I have. However, the oil pan on the 232 is in much better shape than the one off the 289. Can I use it with the 289's existing oil pump?

    Also, the 232 calls for 6 quarts of oil and the 289 calls for just 5. Will that cause a problem with the different pan? I haven't really looked at the two to decide if they are effectively the same depth or not. I do know the holes line up.

    And lastly, the automatic transmission specs on the 232 are 9-1/2 quarts of transmission fluid and the 289 for 9. When the time comes, which should I use?

    Am I overthinking this?

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    If you have the 232's Studebaker Automatic (Detroit gear 3 band DG) trans. you use it's requirement, if you have the Flight-O-Matic Borg Warner 1956-'66 you use it's requirement. Really you are "overthinking" this, because you just put 4 quarts in to get the converter started, then start it and fill it to the full, it's that simple!

    Be sure NOT to use engine oil like the old manuals recommend , or old type A, just use the modern replacement, if you can still find "F" or "FA" I like the firmer shift characteristic of that, but Dextron or whatever ATF is current will work fine.

    I've never tried using a '51-'55 6 quart oil pan on a newer engine, but High Performance R3's used a modified one and it works on the 304 engines. But I know the oil pump and the pickup is different, just make sure your pickup is within 3/4 in. or less from the bottom!
    Someone who has done this will surely tell us.

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      Yep, you're right. I (now) remember that when I added the transmission fluid (Type F) the first time.

      And I'll check to see how close the pickup gets to the pan bottom. Sometimes I just make things harder than they really are.

      Thanks for the reply, Rich.

      [img=left][/img=left]1951 Commander Starlight Coupe (aka "Stella")


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        As long as the pump does not hit the problems there.

        The bottom of the pickup should be about .38" to .56" from the pan bottom.

        The oil amount has to do with the pan shape/volume, nothing to do with the engine block. If the pans are not attached to anything...level the two pans and fill the 5 quart pan with water. Note it's level location from the gasket.
        Now fill the 6 quart pan and note its level from the gasket surface.

        If the 6 quart level is the same or close to the 5 quart level location...its safe to run the full 6 quarts in the 6 quart pan. If it does come up closer to the gasket, stick with 5 quarts.

        I'd guess you'll be fine with the 6 quart setup. In any don't want the crank wipping around in an over full pan.

        One note to think about....many will say you can do this or you can't do advice is to check it for yourself...then and only then can you be "sure".