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57 Golden Hawk Dies

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  • 57 Golden Hawk Dies

    Just got the car out for my son's wedding on Friday. I drove it 2-3 blocks and it died. Had it towed home and was thinking ignition. I hooked up timing light and remote starter and it fired up. I let it idle for 5-10 minutes, got in and revved it up a few times. As I let it go to idle and started to roll on the throttle again it burbbled and died. Sounds fuel to me. I noticed it looked like the fuel bowl on the fuel pump looked like a vortex?. Gage shows 1/2 tank of gas.

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    Vapor Lock.
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      Is there a solution? WE are having hot weather next 3 days. Is it airbox base gasket? Carb to manifold gasket?


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        First, electric fuel pump, second return line to tank.

        However, vapor lock usually occurs (in hot weather) at a stop light, or after a short 'off' period, such as stopping for a fuel fill-up with the car hot. Not usually with a cold engine.

        It happened to me yesterday, after driving a while, I stopped for a small amount of groceries, started up and just got out of the lot. The engine started bogging down, not dead, but struggling. i flipped on the electric pump and it took right off. Air temp about 90 f.


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          Originally posted by Tom B View Post
          However, vapor lock usually occurs (in hot weather) at a stop light, or after a short 'off' period, such as stopping for a fuel fill-up with the car hot.

          Stupid quiestion:

          Can you get vapor lock with a Fuel Injected engine?
          I had a VW Scirocco in the 80s that would do that on trips when it was hot.
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            We are getting off the reservation here but I have owned a half-dozen fuel-injected VWs. My beloved 84 GTI was sold when I got my Studebaker but I still have the tools and gauges to fix Bosch injection systems. Anyway you CAN get vapor lock in this system. To prevent it VW added a fuel pressure accumulator in the fuel line under the body just forward of the fuel pump. This works like the pressure tank on a water well. A spring on a rubber diaphragm is compressed by the fuel pressure. When the car is shut off this keeps pressure on the fuel system for several hours to prevent vapor lock. It was a common failure for the diaphragm to leak and you get hot start problems. One of the advantages of the modern in-tank pumps is that the pump is always in cool liquid fuel so modern cars just run the pump early in the start process to clear out any bubbles.


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              Debris, rust ect in the fuel tank in the end of the pick up tube. Has the tank ever been removed and cleaned out? Russ Farris
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