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Another Twin Trac Question, Dana 44

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  • Another Twin Trac Question, Dana 44

    The housing and drums are pretty sweet but the axle I just bought but the backing plates are a bit rough. Anyone out there got some back plates that are not all pitted to heck for sale reasonable? Send an email at, I am planning on putting in flanged axels as I go through it.

    Jon Kammer

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    OK, I see from your first post that the rear end in question that you bought is from a '62 GT.

    But we can't help with this one unless we know if the needed BACKING PLATES are for 9 in. rear 6 Cyl. Brakes, 10 in. V-8 Rear Brakes, or 11 in. Finned Drum Rear Brakes used with Front Disc. Brakes.

    What car are they going on?
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Good question, the twin trac is out of a 62 GT that was a four speed. I guess I will need to pull a drum to see what style brakes they are. Did some GTs come with four wheel drum and some drum / disk? The axle is going under a 61 four speed Hawk. Is there a chance that the GT and the Hawk are the same? If not I need more than just the back plates. Drums and hubs too.