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T-10 4 speed assembly question

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  • T-10 4 speed assembly question

    I disassembled the 4 speed out of my '64 Daytona to replace the leaky gaskets and seals. After I partially reassembled the unit(no side cover or forks) it seemed real tight, in fact in reverse I couldn't turn the shaft. After pulling the rear extension off, the main shaft turned all the time, even in neutral. If I held the rear main shaft, then it turned correctly, so it seems something is snug, and too tight when the rear end is bolted back on.
    To replace the gaskets (3) you have to pull the rear bearing retainer out, and the main shaft and cluster comes with it. The only thing I monkeyed with was the front synchro cluster, it came apart, and the front roller bearings.
    Any ideas on what to look for??

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    Hi Bruce,

    I think I'd start by comparing the thickness of the new/old gaskets. If the new ones are thinner, this may be the explanation.

    Good luck.



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      Check to make sure that the roller bearings that the main shaft ride on in the input shaft are in their correct placement.


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        Thanks guys, I'll check these items out.