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Found a hard-to -get insulator

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  • Found a hard-to -get insulator

    I've been looking for months for the insulator for the automatic shift rod where it goes through the steering column bracket(62-3-4 all)
    part # 1551556 tried all the big boys with no luck.Finally found a supplier at "JOLIET OLD CAR STORE"
    They are $10. + $1. shipping.
    The other end(trans) & spring washers are available.I'm hoping this will end the sloppy feel to my shift mechanism.Thought I would pass this on for your info.

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    Thanks kmul221. I have needed one for my 63 HawkGT. Have you installed it ?
    How much trouble to back out the shaft in order to install ?
    The 1950 Champion Starlight
    Santa Barbara


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      Havn't installed as yet,motor & trans have been rebuilt(63 GT) & not installed as yet,hope all is done for S/B