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Radiator differences between V8 and 6

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  • Radiator differences between V8 and 6

    Specifically for a '53-'54, are the differences between the Commander and Champion radiators just the inlet and outlet sizes? I've searched the forum and that's all I've come up with. Need to cool a later V8.

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    C-K or sedan? on the C-K, the lower radiator hose fitting is not in the same place, 6 vs V8, and they are different sizes, as you noted. The Champion radiator can be used with a V8, but ought to be recored with three cores or more.
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      It's a hardtop. I'll have to get the core count on the one we are looking at.


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        You will want a newer style radiator. The 54 radiator uses a different filler neck and you can only purchase radiator caps with a 7psi maximum. I mad the mistake of using my old tank for a three row recore so I just have to deal with being on the verge of being to warm becsuse I cant get a higher pressure radiator cap.
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          You're in Washington? Here in Upper Michigan it doesn't get hot too often, maybe I can get away with it. It would just be a pain getting something to fit underneath that hood, as I've learned from other threads.


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            Jeff, A good radiator shop can change the filler neck while he's doing the recore.
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