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rear quarter panels

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  • rear quarter panels

    I have inhereted a set of quarter panels and a windsheeild with nice trim off of a 1953 studebaker ;i call it a hardtop convertable; but I think it is called a Starliner. How would be the best way to sell them?

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    You've already done the right thing by posting here.
    Now all you have to do is wait...

    By the end of the day you'll have many offers- NO DOUBT!!!
    First thing I'd do though-
    Let everyone know where they are, and maybe post a pic~
    then watch the numbers go really high!!!

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      Thanks for the info. The quarter panels are in the texas panhandle. Thereis a little rust on both panels behind the door. They have both been beed blasted to metal. The trim on the windsheild is in perfect condition but the windsheild itself has the netoreus wiper mark on the right side. As soon as I can figure out how to get the pictures off of adobe reader I will put them on. Thanks for the help.


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        Here is a picture of my car:


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          Here is a picture of the quarter panels:


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            Here is a picture of the windshield and trim:


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              I hope these pictures help with any questions you may have. If not, e-mail me. Thanks


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                By the way, that windshield will fit YOUR GT Hawk pictured.

                (read it backwards)
                (read it backwards)

                Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. -A. Lincoln


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                  And the quarters will fit *any* C or K body 56-61. (GT Hawk is *slightly* different above the taillight.)


                  55 Commander Starlight
                  55 Commander Starlight


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                    Thanks for the info. The windsheild in my '62 is scratched just like it. This must be a Stude thing? The parts I would like to get out of my shop. Thanks for the help.


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                      A company called Eastman sells a 'kit' for polishing scrathes out of glass. I've used it and it works, but it takes a lot of polishing.