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    This is probably old news to many, but when I was getting my '64 Daytona convertible ready for the buyer, I discovered that the two-barrel Stromberg was leaking gas low on the body. I had been having a lot of vapor locking which I had addressed by adding an electric pump. It also wasn'r idling very smoothly and the gas mileage was down around 14 to 15 mpg. Anyhow, I took off the carb and found that one of the two small lead plugs on the bottom was seeping. I took a large brass punch and peened it in real good (stopped the leak). While I was at it, I replaced the accelerator pump and I reset the float 1/32" LOWER than the factory setting (per Studeman advice in a thread). I had previously set it 1/32" HIGHER because I had heard you had to raise the gas level due to the less dense gas. I can assure you that Ray is absolutely right about lowering it. After putting the carb back on, the car ran so well that I didn't even have to touch the air-idle screws.
    Anyhow, I think my vapor locking was a combination of the bowl draining when I stopped and the gas evaporated to where I didn't notice it plus a weak fuel pump. And, the rough idle/poor mileage must have been caused by the high float level making it ruin too rich.
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
    '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine