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re-attaching hawk side grille inserts

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  • re-attaching hawk side grille inserts

    I've rechromed the side grilles surrounds and front bumper on my 56 Golden Hawk. Did some painting and powder coating to some of the other front end stuff while I had it all apart. It's back together to the point that the next step is installing the rechromed side grilles. The painted inserts were of course removed when the surrounds were rechromed. Now how do I re-attach them to the side grilles??? Originally the chrome grille surrounds had little studs that were sort of squished down to expand them around the mounting holes on the inserts. Of course those got mostly ground off when the inserts were removed. Doesn't seem to be enough metal to drill holes and use screws. Thought about JB weld or the like, but not sure how well it would hold, and it's a bit hard to visualize how to clamp everything together during the drying process.

    Anyone know? Surely this has been done before?

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    Don't hold me to this, but I think I drilled tiny holes in the pot metal bosses and used small screws on my 57 Golden.

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      That's how I did it on my Hawk. Ground off the remnants of the old mounting studs, drilled and tapped holes for 3/32" screws.[]


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        Same here. I drilled some very small holes and used stainless sheet metal screws


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          As all above you drill holes and use metal screws to attach, there is no weight in those "pans" so it does not take much in the way of a screw.

          Now the studs on the chrome part, they will be a problem some time and a little JB weld will firm them up and allow the nut on the stud to tighten into the right location.

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