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gas tanks again

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  • gas tanks again

    has anyone here tried the POR 15 gas tank kits for gas tanks?

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    do a search here for "draino". I and friends have used it several times to clean a tank and then just went with bare metal so as nothing will flake off ever again inside the tank. A dash of Marvel Mystery oil in the tank at fill up will keep the inside fresh..................Brad


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      Since I'm on a budget, I'm going to give the draino a shot at the Larks tank from what I can see from where you put the gas in I can see just a tiny bit of rust. IF that doesnt do the trick the radiator guy down the street said it would clean and seal it for a $100.00 either way the tank should be good to go.

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        I have done 5 tanks now with the pore-15, I remove the tanks and put about a quart of solvent and a tow chain in the tank and roll it around to remove as much lose rust as possible, very important to let the tank dry, very, very dry, several days , at this point I add about a quart of the por-15, and slowly roll the tank over until all surfaces are coated , patience required, this coating can be viewed with a mirror on a wand, available in most auto parts stores, I than let it dry for a week before installing it in the car again.The por-15 will also close small pinholes, use caution not to plug any plumbing. Pour any excess out and dispose of it , do not add it back to your good paint. It has been more than 2 years on the first tank with no problems. Ventilation is very important as many of you already know. Allen



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          I used the POR 15 gas tank kit on my 63 Lark. After using the cleaning agent supplied, I still had to have the tank boiled out at a local radiator shop. The POR 15 sealant worked well, just follow directions. I plan to do a 1955 gas tank next, I will have the tank boiled out ($40) and use the POR 15 sealant.

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            With any tank sealant, it's important to keep the pick-up from getting clogged. Just blow air into the fuel outlet before the sealant sets.
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