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power steering hoses

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  • power steering hoses

    does any one out there know where to get power steering hoses for a 55 speedster saganaw steering. The part no.s are 534667 pressure, and 534672 return. Any help would be appriciated



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    A lot of your local parts stores can make them for you. You will have to take your old ones with you to use for a pattern. I you have no luck there try some of your Stude. vendors.



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      Try finding a local independent A/C repair shop. They can make any size you need just bring your old hoses for the ends. Make sure you clock the hoses before you go. This means put a piece of making tape around each end and mark the way the fittings are facing. This will leave no room for error on their part. Good Luck.

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        I had a set made for N8 at a hydralic shop for a bit over $100 but had to go back for a final tweak.

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          were they able to fix the pressure hose?

          BTW I am still not sure if the return hose they made will work or not, will have to see when I go to put it back together. If I could get them to use more flexible hose it might work better, but the new stuff is way stiffer than the original factory hoses.


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          55 Commander Starlight


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            If the stiffness is making it tough to twist the hose, then they probally put the end on in the wrong postion. These high pressures hoses do not twist and bend. They are pretty unforgiving. You may have to take it back and have them cut off the new ferrell and re-fit the end. Good luck.

            1956 Studebaker Pelham Wagon Houston, Texas
            Remember, \"When all is said and done. More is always said then ever done.\"


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              I had new hoses made for the saginaw setup in my '53 by a local hose shop. The fittings on the ends, at least where it goes on the box, have a SAE flare (45 deg if I recall) that apparently is fallen out of standard use. They could not get new parts. They had to cut the tube end with the flare and nut off my old rotten hoses and weld it onto a stub from the new crimped part. The setup I used came from a '57 and at least on those the return hose goes onto a hose barb in the side of the pump tank and just hase a hose clamp rather than a nut and flare fitting like the older pumps do. So with that there are no rotation problems at least on that hose!

              Jeff in ND

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              Jeff in ND